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Company Introduction
Tianyuan Shimizu Optical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in 2004, the company is by Shimizu Corporation, Japan Industrial Co., Ltd. to fund the establishment of the company, the company is located in Jiading Industrial Zone profound cultural, registered a total of $ 700,000. The company covers an area of over 4000 square meters.
The mission is to build China optical core competitiveness of high-end chain, the formation of the company in accordance with the requirements of the development of modern high-tech enterprise with extensive industry experience and advanced management mechanism, quality, production, technology, marketing, human resources and financial management system, determined to become the industry leader. The company mainly produces high refractive index 1.56index resin monomer and diamond pellets, total, turning tools and related products research, development, production and sales.


The company is headquartered in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, since the company was founded, excellence in the spirit of the strategy for implementation of a high starting point, high quality production, the company introduced a full set of testing equipment in Japan, so that the production capacity and the technical level to be extremelybig promotion, production and quality assurance capabilities of high-end products is guaranteed. Has now formed an annual output of the resin monomer eight thousand tons, production capacity of 1.2 million diamond pellets, total 40,000, turning tools 15000. The company's main products are sold to South Korea and mainland China and other countries and regions.
Bing Chengrui Italian spirit, the pursuit of excellence, all spirit is committed to provide better products for our customers, our company's positioning and the future development for a better customer satisfaction!