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President Introduction


We build young company staff strength and innovative ideas to clients sent not worry, trust], we are committed to the the optical product planning, development, import and export business.
The optical market has unlimited possibilities. Respond to the diverse needs of customers in the future, active and soft sustained and new ideas, and strive to build [the bright, happy] corporate culture, in the fierce competition in the corporate environment, to contribute to the society as a corporate goal, all staff unity, efforts . Thanks to everyone's support, incentives, please support me.




Jul 1986 Chinese tsinghua university graduated from department of metal materials.

December 1991 work in Japan.

In 1998 on the establishment of Japan industrial co., clear water.

In December of 2003 China lida photoelectric co., LTD., director of the office.

In December 2004, chengdu, China light photoelectric co., LTD., director of the office.

In 2011, China southern sunshine chi technology co., LTD. Office director.