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Company History

Company History
Shimizu Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan established in April 1998
Corporation concluded Zuoye Fu Sze-ray machine in July 1998 PICKUP LENS prism processing contract
China Branch Beijing Tianyuan Shimizu Co., Ltd. established in December 1998
Photoelectric Co., Ltd., China Nanyang prism and lens processing joint venture Nanyang Sanli established in August 1999
Nippon Oil and Fats Co., Ltd. in May 2000 with the conclusion of the sales contract the right to sell oil products in Japan, China,
December 2002 investment production plant resin Optical Co., Ltd. Xi'an optical glasses
Shimizu (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. of Japan, set up in December 2003
Source Shimizu optical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in October 2004
Investment the Chinese Chengdu bright Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. in December 2004
SONY GREEN PARTNER certified in December 2006
Fu Sheng Photoelectric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., set up in January 2007
FUJINON Corporation the formal Distributors contract made ​​in August 2007
Source Shimizu optical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in January 2010 the new factory in Shanghai disable
June 2011 investment in the Southern sun Chi Technology Co., Ltd.


Phase I (1998) 360 million yen
Phase II (1999) 570 million yen
Phase III (2000) 1.34 billion yen
Phase IV (2001) 1.07 billion yen
Fifth (2002) 1.29 billion yen
Issue No. 6 (2003), 2.73 billion yen
Seventh (2004) 3.81 billion yen
Eighth (2005) 2.93 billion yen
Ninth (2006) 3.49 billion yen
Tenth (2007) 2.45 billion yen
Eleventh (2008) 16.5 billion yen
Issue 12 (2009) 1.76 billion yen
XIII (2010) 29.5 billion yen