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Talent Concept

Shimizu has consistently advocated the humane management, human resources development work always adhere to the "respect for the people, culture and achievements of people, the concept of talent, adhere to the concept of innovation, system innovation, the growth of talent and competition to create a" fair, just,open atmosphere, the establishment of a respect for talent, nurture talent and give full play to their potential mechanisms to protect the business development and growth and to achieve the maximum value of the individual's perfect harmony and unity.
We respect the talent. Because we know that talent growth path is thorny, we understand the talent For Kunpeng flying Trumps ambition; respect for knowledge, and create wealth for the enterprise, national, social talent to realize their own values ​​more respect with their own learning; we focus on talent, and pay more attention to display their talent for talent to create, to give full play to their potential environmental.
We nurture talent. We can provide a superior development platform for the growth of talent: talent healthy and positive development incentives, we have the perfect to the development of international human resources management system; wonderful vision of our business, so the talent in thrive in a brilliant career.
We achievements talents. Great achievements in the cause of great people, our cause is one of the greatest human cause. Have unlimited broad space for development of our business, and we are moving in the direction of internationalization in stride. Our "pursuit of perfect harmony, there is no" you "and" I ", there is only" us ". , We will together with all like-minded talent, brought together with great force, in order to promote our valve industry and contribute to our common strength.